August 13

Does life seem hard?

Have you ever noticed children born into super rich families tend to grow up to have miserable lives?

Perhaps it is because if you start at the top, you can move in only one direction — downward.

The person born into privilege is often deprived of one of the world’s greatest gifts: the opportunity to reach the highest levels of success of which you are capable, solely on the basis of your own merit. If you were born with less than most, don’t resent others who seem to have more advantages.

In truth, the real advantage is yours, for you will develop the self-confidence that comes only from meeting life’s challenges on your own terms. As you progress, you gain the strength and knowledge necessary to assure your enduring success, things that cannot be given to you, but must be earned.

Posted August 13, 2016 by admin in category "Matter of Perspective