November 14

Value by Perspective!

Waste no words on a man who dislikes you. Actions are the only thing that will change their perspective.

bag-over-head-embarrassed-shame-businessmanSome people think they can talk their way out of any situation, and for a time they may be right. But, if someone already dislikes you, whether from misunderstanding or an error you have made, he or she will be especially difficult to persuade with words. Their emotions will always get in the way of their ability to think logically and reasonably. And words will make the situation worse.

The only true way to alter another persons perspective is through your action. The value of someones perspective must be changed.  We all frame things is life to make is easier to function. IE,The sky is blue unless it rains when its grey.  Oh today the sky is grey, must be its going to rain.

Consistent actions over a sustained period of time, are the only way a persons perspective of you can be persuaded differently. If you constantly demonstrate that you are a generous, kind, trustworthy and caring person, it will be very hard for even your enemies to dislike you.

Persuading yourself that you can do something differently is a strong beginning. The longer you delay, the harder it will be to begin. Seldom is a plan perfect. If you have a clear vision of your goal and a plan that is flexible enough to allow you to deal with unexpected obstacles or take advantage of unforeseen opportunities, don’t delay another minute.

Just getting into action — even if you do have to make adjustments later — will help focus your mind and channel your energies in the direction of your objective.

Even if the original person cannot see your changes….you will become a better and happier person for having made the effort.


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