July 25

Have Trouble Making Decisions?

The first question to ask yourself is – What am I trying to do with my life – Do I know my lifes Purpose?

Chances are very good that is you have a fast answer to this question….making decisions is easier for you.

When life throws an issue at you and you must make a choice, ask yourself how each choice affects your life’s purpose?  This process typically makes it easier to know the right decision.

For example, if your lifes purpose is to be a great parent …. decision making should get easier since every choice would be based on what is best for your family.

On the flip side, living without a definite major purpose promises nothing but a scant living. You may get by in life without a Definite Major Purpose, but you will never get ahead. Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. Financial goals in particular should be specific, definite, and measurable. You should know what you plan to earn, by when, and how you plan to do so.

The greatest advantage of financial security is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that, whatever challenges life brings, you are equipped to deal with them. You will be better at whatever you choose to do because you can focus on opportunities instead of struggling to eke out a living.

Posted July 25, 2020 by admin in category "Matter of Action